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As we all find ourselves in a state of ‘wtf’, (what’s the future), here at Pipemore, we have been trying to take control of ours and forge our own “new normal”.  So, we have put together a range of new tools, services and products to help you tread your path back to work.

We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve put together a great collection of the essential items you need to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.  From hand gels, sanitisers, gloves and facemasks to infra-red thermometers, we’ve sourced everything you need to protect and safeguard against Covid-19.


And we have
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Technical Help Desk

For years, we have taken pride in being an open, accessible business with one of the most active trade counters in the region.  A place where you can bring your current task, a pile of debris or a sketched-out concept and get what you need, see what fits, or discuss ideas.

Well you still can, but we are making this service more accessible since coronavirus seems determined to limit the number of you that we can see at once.  The days are gone for a cosy coffee and chat whilst you wait!

For now!

So now it’s easy to get that support.  No need to leave the home office or queue at a safe distance, just visit..

The Trader

We know how our customers love the right gear and even more so love a bargain, so we are introducing The Trader.

A quarterly brochure packed full of fantastic products at great prices.



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Our aim is to provide information of interest and value to you.  We will update you on new products, special offers and training events.

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Web: www.cityseals.co.uk/pipemore

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